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I love the direction in which camera design is going.

One more positive thing that the Lomography crowd has done for photography in general: They have reminded camera manufacturers that design is an important element in the image-taking process. More and more of these micro-third cameras are starting to look like old range-finders (which still exist, by the way). I'm excited about this because DSLRs are just too heavy and cumbersome most of the time. Classic rangefinders were designed to be used. They felt good in the hand. They allowed the photographer to be creative in ways that huge DSLRs, with enormous battery grips and 70-200mm lens do not. These new cameras (like the X100s and the Pen) are starting to look like works of art, like their film camera counterparts (Leica, Ikon, Bessa). So, thanks to all the hipsters for buying old film cameras. You've done us a solid.