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Earlier this summer, I made a trip to the location where Alton Sterling was fatally shot by police officers. Sterling's killing sparked massive protests from the Baton Rouge community. His shooting was followed by weeks of marches and awareness activities.

Alton Sterling was killed on July 5th. On July 6th, Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer in Minnesota. On July 7th, Michah Johnson went on a killing spree in Dallas, Texas, murdering five police officers, ostensibly in an effort to requite the targeting of black men by police in the United States. Twelve days after the killing of Alton Sterling, Gavin Long opened fire on Baton Rouge law enforcement officers, killing three in the ensuing standoff.

These images stand as a reminder of the violence and loss that darkened the Summer of 2016.

The spot where Alton Sterling was shot in the back by police. Now a memorial.

"I'm just a Mr. Nobody." A rational plea for justice.

A mural of Alton Sterling that now adorns the facade of the Triple S store where he was killed.

Community leaders quickly began to organize a response, as the Triple S became a site of pilgrimage.

"Legalize being black!" She hid behind the placard to avoid the sun, but her message remained. 

The Triple S Food Mart becomes a pilgrimage spot and a locus for protest.

"My black matter."

"All Lives Matter." Claiming a common phrase thrown back at Black Lives Matters protesters.

Preparing signs for a march on the capital.

"White silence is consent for police violence."


All images captured with a Contax G1 and Tri-X b/w film.